Two Women

Incidentally directed by Konstantinos Oikonomou (Greece) 2018 and Her Job directed by Nikos Labôt (Greece) 2018 were a pair of cinematic highlights during the 16th San Francisco Greek Film Festival.


Elpida, the main character of Incidentally, takes a phone call while preparing for an intimate family celebration. She agrees to take part in a brief telephone survey during which she reveals heartbreaking news she is hesitant to tell her husband and sons.

Panayiota, a wife and mother of two, spends most of her day doing household chores and serving the needs of a demanding husband and preteen daughter. Her husband is unemployed with few options for gainful employment during the present economic crises in Greece.

Even though she’s barely literate with no work experience, she applies for a job as part of a cleaning team for a new shopping center. For the first time in her life she’s the family breadwinner in a traditional marriage.

She’s a hard worker who takes every opportunity for overtime, nearly oblivious to the exploitation she and the other cleaning women are subject to.

Panayota struggles to balance work and home life until her hopes for a better future are suddenly shattered by circumstances beyond her control.

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