Fresh Twist

A Faithful Man directed by and staring Louis Garrel (France) 2018 isn’t a typical romantic comedy.


The somewhat dark opening scene undermines familiar expectations. Of course, starting from the lowest point of a romantic situation, circumstances can only improve. The question is how and when.

The journey includes many obstacles and unexpected complications. The unconventional nature of the relationship is disturbing at times but overall adds to the emotional and intellectual resolution of the conclusion.

A Faithful Man reminded me of film classics such as François Truffaut’s Jules And Jim and Eric Rohmer’s My Night At Maud’s.

The film played twice during the 2019 San Francisco International Film Festival. For mere info and tickets contact San Francisco Film Institute.

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Human Family

Welcome To Germany directed by Simon Verhoeven (Germany) 2016 will open the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Friday 9 February 2018 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

It takes the issue of immigration head on in a delightful family comedy. Nearly every facet of the difficult situation migrants and residents must work through is explored.

What is most refreshing is the spirit of generosity and love that prevails despite some ugly and disturbing incidents.

Contact for more information and tickets.

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Dog Walker

Mr. Predictable directed by Rose Florentin (Israel) 2016 is about transformation.

The main character of this romantic comedy lives a meaningless, boring, middle-class life. Invisible and irrelevant to those outside his immediate circle.

An accident propels him toward a new direction, both unexpected and intriguing, offering not only passion but also genuine affection.

The film screens two more times in early August 2017 during San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37. Contact Jewish Film Institute for more information and tickets.

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Second Chances

Worlds Apart written and directed by Christopher Papakaliatis (Greece) 2015 is both disturbing and hopeful.


The film deals with issues that impact not only Greece and other European countries but also many nations around the world. Immigration, economic justice, austerity, racism, violence, and the power of love.

Three heterosexual couples, each pair made up of a Greek and a foreigner, overcome initial cultural barriers before finding common ground. A young college student and a Syrian refugee, two business professionals, a mature housewife and a retired German scholar.

The film had theatrical runs in New York and Los Angeles before it’s recent, one-night screening sponsored by the San Francisco Greek Film Festival.

More information including availability at

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Double Duty

The key senator of the opposition party disappears after being heckled in public. His desperate personal assistant invites the missing politician’s twin brother, recently released from a mental institution, to take the place of his absent sibling with surprising consequences.


Both roles are played by Toni Servillo in Long Live Freedom directed by Roberto Andò (Italy) 2013.

The film screened at the recently concluded New Italian Film Events 2014 programmed by the San Francisco Film Society at the Vogue Theatre in San Francisco.

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Son And Lover

Gynecologist Fabrizio wants a serious commitment from his photographer boyfriend Diego. Their union will include the planting of a pine tree. While Diego is out to his parents, he hesitates knowing Fabrizio’s father is opposed to their relationship. But before Diego responds he receives word that his teenage son Armando is on the way from Spain to Venezuela.


My Straight Son directed by Miguel Ferrari (Venezuela/Spain) 2012 has all the elements of a telenovela. It includes complex family dynamics, colorful characters, high drama and humor, as well as the tragic consequences of intolerance for those outside the mainstream.

It screened at the recently concluded Frameline 38 film festival.

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Anniversary Dance

A British couple revisits Paris three decades after their honeymoon, in Le Week-End directed by Roger Michell (UK) 2013. Nick and Meg seem trapped in a stultifying relationship, hardly worth celebrating. Each of them invariably pushed or pulled in the opposite direction of the other. Nick often worried about the expense of things and Meg indulging in numerous extravagances. Whatever spark of excitement they once shared seems long extinguished.


Age has obviously taken its toll. Nick seems little concerned with his appearance, overweight, dressed decently, but unshaven. Meg still clings to what is left of her beauty, uncomfortable with the few pounds she gained. He’s still aroused by her but she refuses to comply to his sexual  dessires. At the thirty-year mark they seem to be on the verge of a break-up.

An unexpected encounter with Morgan, an old college pal of Nick’s, introduces a new element into the picture. Nick and Meg put on happy faces at a party they attend. A deeper level of reality is revealed and a dim glimmer of hope manifested. The unpleasant drama of their life together might not be doomed to failure.

It opens 14 March 2014 at Lincoln Plaza and Angelika in New York, as well as The Landmark in Los Angeles.

Also 21 March 2014 at Century Cinema in Chicago, Embarcadero 5 in San Francisco, Cine Arts in Evanston, Monica 4 in Santa Monica, Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, Sundance Cinema Sunset in Los Angeles, and La Jolla in San Diego.

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Sibling Rivalry

Boris and Dimitri are brothers and business partners in a medical practice. The two doctors customarily see patients and make house calls together. Dimitri has a sunny disposition and is well liked but has a drinking problem. Boris is more serious and can sometime be a bit abrasive. Both are single and live alone in the same building, with facing windows across a central courtyard.


Miss And The Doctors directed by Avelle Ropert (France) 2013 is about the close relationship of a pair of reserved male siblings in Paris who fall in love with the same woman. The film screened at the Landmark’s Clay Theatre during French Cinema Now, fall season 2013, organized by the San Francisco Film Society.

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