Graphic Normandy

Gemma Bovery directed by Anne Fontaine (France) 2004 is based on the graphic novel by the same name written by Posy Simmonds. It takes place in the village where Flaubert wrote his classic work, Madam Bovary. However, the time is the present.

GEMMA BOVERYRéalisé par Anne Fontaine

GEMMA BOVERYRéalisé par Anne Fontaine

Much of the story is seen through the eyes of a local baker who’s smitten by the young English woman who settles nearby with her husband Charlie. The baker begins to imagine the modern Gemma moving toward a tragic end as did Emma in the Flaubert novel.

The film is now showing at the Sundance Kabuki in San Francisco, Regency Cinemas in San Rafael, Rialto Cinemas Elmwood in Berkeley, and State Theater Modesto in Modesto.

Also Ritz at the Bourne in Philadelphia; Music Hall, Portsmouth in Portsmouth; Enzian Theater in Orlando; Cosford Cinema in Coral Gables; and Varsity Ashland in Ashland.

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Three Lives

How To Smell A Rose: A Visit With Ricky Leacock In Normandy directed by Les Blank & Gina Leibrecht (USA) 2014 is a wonderful portrait 0f a seminal movie documentarian. Leacock and his wife prepare some delicious meals in their country kitchen while he talks about his career behind the camera and his approach to film and video production.


During his seven decades in cinema Leacock helped develop the first film camera to record synchronous sound along with image. He was an early advocate of the hand-held camera and later enjoyed the ease and freedom of digital equipment. But what is even more impressive than his work as a cinematic artist is his zest for life and his dedication to living it to its fullest.

The film will have its final screening Monday evening 4 May 2015 at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas during San Francisco International Film Festival 58. For more information and tickets contact the San Francisco Film Society.

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