Outsider Life

Two of the films in New Italian Cinema 2017 offer fresh views of outsiders in modern society.

There Is A Light directed by Fabio Mollo (Italy) 2017 deals with an unconventional relationship between a gay man and a straight woman.

Together they travel through Italy and significant moments in their personal journeys.

Fortunata directed by Sergio Castellitto (Italy) 2017 revolves around the hectic life of a young mother and independent hairdresser who wants to open her own shop.

Both films are about dreams unfulfilled and obstacles that must be overcome.

Italy is quite conservative. Traditional gender roles are still prevalent. Moral judgment is more influenced by family expectations than religious concerns.

A willingness to look at current reality is a prerequisite for change.

More information and tickets for the NICE 2017 festival in San Francisco is available at New Italian Cinema.

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Verdi Requiem

Mayor Luigi de Magistris of Naples visited San Francisco for the signing of three agreements of cooperation linking Naples and San Francisco, as part of his Unite The Two Bays initiative. The three major areas of interest are human rights, science and research, and technology.


In attendance at the ceremonies were Italian Consul-General Mauro Battocchi; Michael Sweet, chair of the San Francisco Human Rights Commission; Dr. William De Grado of UCSF; Professor Angela Lombardi of UNINA; and California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano.

The day’s celebration will conclude with a joint performance of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem by the San Francisco Opera and Naples’ Teatro San Carlo at the War Memorial Opera House on Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco this evening.

Several young entrepreneurs and technology students will arrive from Naples to study at the Mind The Bridge Startup School.

Mayor de Magistris initiated civil unions in Naples and championed equal rights for all children born in Italy regardless of their parents’ origin. His city will host the Italian national LGBT pride celebration in 2014.

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Guest Chef

Guest Chef, a relatively new restaurant in the Rockridge District of Oakland, California, was inspired by the many pop-up restaurants proliferating in the San Francisco Bay Area. Real estate developers Scott Cameron and Jerry Boddum decided to provide a permanent venue for aspiring chefs to try out their skills on a rotating schedule. I’ve never eaten there but it’s an intriguing concept.

Each chef is given an opportunity to showcase his/her cooking skills for a two-week period, giving adventurous diners a chance to sample the food. Several of the people scheduled to cook incorporated Mediterranean influences.

Eva R. Ciammetti, a New Yorker, whose parents settled in the US from Abruzzo, L’Aquila, Italy, learned to cook rustic Italian food from her mother and grandmother. She currently cooks Sundays in Fairfax, CA, teaches cooking in Sebestapol, CA and is active in Slow Food San Francisco.

Paul Skrentny, popular at street fairs and private parties, was the third chef in residence. The food he presented included strong Spanish influences.

Antonio Capezutto, the current guest chef, offers simple and authentic food from his native city of Naples. He learned his skills in his mother’s trattoria long before moving to San Francisco with his American wife and their daughter.

Guest Chef, located at 5337 College Avenue, Oakland, California, serves only dinner Tuesday through Sunday. More information is available at 510.658.7378 or info@theguestchef.net.

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