City Edge

Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone directed by Sylvie Ohayon (France) 2014 is an autobiographical coming–of-age narrative feature.


It’s set in a suburb outside of Paris where the poor, immigrants, and other marginal populations are warehoused in large, ugly, neglected, high-rise buildings. Typical of the neighborhood where youths rioted a decade ago.

Stephanie, is a bright, talented teenager who lives with her neurotic mother and abusive stepfather.

Despite tremendous odds she’s determined to escape her circumstances in order to build a better future for herself.

The film screens again at the California Theatre in Berkeley Tuesday night 4 August 2015 and the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael Sunday evening 9 August 2015 as San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 35 moves outside of San Francisco.

For more information and tickets contact the Jewish Film Institute.

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