Stealth Attack

Director Michael Moore begins his reconnaissance mission in bella Italia armed only with an American flag in his delightfully funny new documentary Where To Invade Next (USA) 2015.


This one-person venture plus the requisite film crew is undoubtedly a bargain compared to the huge Pentagon budget and no lives were lost in its execution. However, the value of what he brings back is priceless and of benefit to many rather than just the few war profiteers currently benefiting from the endless wars and bloodshed funded by US taxpayers.

The openings of the film are strategically scheduled to impact the 2016 primary election campaign.

Moore makes one embarrassing mistake, confusing Slovakia and Slovenia. Aside from that slipup, I highly recommend it. Most of the treasure he uncovers has surprising origins.

Where To Invade Next opens 12 February 2016 in over 200 US theaters lncluding: Angelika, Kips Bay, and Lincoln Plaza in New York, Westlake Village in Los Angeles, River East in Chicago, Sundance Houston in Houston, Bijou at Crossroads in San Antonio, Angelika Carmel Mountain in San Diego, Look Cinemas Evolution in Dallas, Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Tinseltown 20 in Jacksonville, Metreon, Sundance Kabuki, and Alamo Drafthouse in San Francisco.

See Where To Invade Next for a complete listing.

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Double Duty

The key senator of the opposition party disappears after being heckled in public. His desperate personal assistant invites the missing politician’s twin brother, recently released from a mental institution, to take the place of his absent sibling with surprising consequences.


Both roles are played by Toni Servillo in Long Live Freedom directed by Roberto Andò (Italy) 2013.

The film screened at the recently concluded New Italian Film Events 2014 programmed by the San Francisco Film Society at the Vogue Theatre in San Francisco.

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Luna Park

Magic Hour directed by Costas Kapakas (Greece) 2011 is a black comedy inspired by the current economic crises.


An unlikely pair of guys embark on a road trip through the countryside in a hearse with a wooden casket containing many surprises.

The driver is someone who cleverly managed to exploit the system time and again before it collapsed. His companion is a rather conventional man reeling from the loss of his job and discovering his wife is unfaithful.

The targets for humor are numerous including politicians, clergy, xenophobes, and Germans. And at one point the main character blames Jews, Masons, and gays for his personal predicament.

The eleventh annual San Francisco Greek Film Festival closes tonight with two shorts and a feature-length comedy from Cyprus. For more information see the San Francisco Greek Film Festival.

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