Radical Times

The Young Karl Marx directed by Raoul Peck (France/Germany/Belgium) 2017 is a follow-up work to I Am Not Your Negro.

This narrative feature deals with the collaboration between the youthful Marx and Engels during a troubling period of history.

Even though the two men come from different backgrounds, they share a deep antipathy toward the abusive power exercised by the ruling class.

While their writings and organizing efforts influenced many of the changes that followed, the social revolution they desired has yet to occur.

The film will screen a final time Saturday 5 August 2017 at the Smith Rafael in San Rafael during San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 37.

Contact Jewish Film Institute for more information and tickets.

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For many people the Mediterranean lies at the center of imagination. In previous centuries it was a port of embarkation for adventurers seeking treasure abroad. My own ancestors were among those who abandoned poverty and turmoil in their homeland hoping to make a better life for themselves and their children in a foreign land.

Today it offers bright, warm days for the travelers of Northern Europe. And economic opportunity for refugees from Africa, the Balkans or the Middle East. It remains a vibrant crossroad for numerous cultures and peoples. Constantly transformed.

Mediterranean Focus will primarily cover art, books, cinema, food, and music not only within or from the region but will also trace the area’s influence in other parts of the world.

I am most familiar with Greece, Italy, France and Turkey but will make a conscious effort to broaden the scope of reporting. Also I welcome comments, suggestions and other input from readers.

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