Gallic Parenting

Journalist Pamela Druckerman isn’t sure she likes living in Paris, but after the arrival of her first child notices distinct differences between French and American parenting styles and outcomes.


Bringing Up Bébé by Pamela Druckerman, Penguin Press, 2012, delves deep into the success of French parenting.

Why newborns sleep though the night without waking their parents. How they learn to eat a wide variety of food. Are able to amuse themselves without demanding constant adult supervision. And the remarkable ease in which both children and parents maintain harmonious relationships in public venues.

Druckerman’s cross-cultural research includes both personal interviews with American, British, and French mothers as well as conversations with experts in various related fields.

I was intrigued by the book when it first came out but wasn’t provided with a review copy by the publisher. However, after my son and daughter-in-law announced they were expecting twins, I was convinced it was relevant reading material for me and them.

Bringing Up Bébé is a definite resource guide for would-be parents.

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Twenties Provence

Magic In The Moonlight directed by Woody Allen 2014 is an enjoyable, romantic comedy set mostly in the lush, upper-class world of Provence in the late 20s. The landscape alone is stunning!


The main character is an arrogant Brit who is both a celebrated magician and a zealous debunker of all spiritual claims.

He’s invited to the south of France by a childhood chum to challenge the work of a charming, young American woman who’s struck riches with both the widow and love-struck son of a wealthy family.

The film opens 25 July 2014 at the Clay Theatre and Century 9 in San Francisco. 1 August 2014 at the Albany Twin in Albany, Piedmont Theatre in Oakland, Century 16 in Pleasant Hil, CineArts at Santana Row and Camera in San Jose, Guild in Menlo Park, and Regency Cinemas Six in San Rafael.

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