Family Domain

Back To Burgundy directed by Cédric Klapisch (France) 2017 is about the pleasures and challenges of winemaking in France.

The complicated story is told by the oldest son returning to the childhood home he fled ten years earlier to escape his demanding father and experience the world.

Reunited with his sister and brother, the three maneuver to make a go of what was left to them by their parents.

They face difficult decisions both in their personal lives and also in the running of the family enterprise they hope to preserve as best they can.

The film opens 23 March 2018 at the Village East Cinema, New York; Smith Rafael Film Center, San Rafael; Summerfield Cinemas, Santa Rosa; and Vogue Theatre, San Francisco.

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French Kiss

New wave director Agnes Varda and conceptual artist JR document their road trip in Faces Places (France) 2016.

This intergenerational journey celebrates the lives of ordinary people seldom acknowledged. Many are women: a waitress in a small café, the lone resident of a block of homes targeted for demolition, the wives of longshoremen.

Much of the magic involves pasting huge, black and white photos on walls and other exterior surfaces in the locations they visit.

The two artists bring playful delight to a number of communities in France.

It’s one of the nominees for the 2018 Academy Awards.

The film returns to the Alamo Drafthouse New Misison Theater in San Francisco Friday 2 February 2018.

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Human Family

Welcome To Germany directed by Simon Verhoeven (Germany) 2016 will open the Berlin & Beyond Film Festival Friday 9 February 2018 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

It takes the issue of immigration head on in a delightful family comedy. Nearly every facet of the difficult situation migrants and residents must work through is explored.

What is most refreshing is the spirit of generosity and love that prevails despite some ugly and disturbing incidents.

Contact for more information and tickets.

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Rome Boy

Friends By Chance directed by Francesco Bruni (Italy) 2017 is an intergenerational drama.

Allessandro hangs out with a small group of young men who seem to have little going for them.

His father insists that he work as a caretaker for an aging poet with Alzheimer’s.

Though he’s resistant at first, the two develop a warm relationship beneficial for both.

The film is one of the narrative features of New Italian Cinema 2017.

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Outsider Life

Two of the films in New Italian Cinema 2017 offer fresh views of outsiders in modern society.

There Is A Light directed by Fabio Mollo (Italy) 2017 deals with an unconventional relationship between a gay man and a straight woman.

Together they travel through Italy and significant moments in their personal journeys.

Fortunata directed by Sergio Castellitto (Italy) 2017 revolves around the hectic life of a young mother and independent hairdresser who wants to open her own shop.

Both films are about dreams unfulfilled and obstacles that must be overcome.

Italy is quite conservative. Traditional gender roles are still prevalent. Moral judgment is more influenced by family expectations than religious concerns.

A willingness to look at current reality is a prerequisite for change.

More information and tickets for the NICE 2017 festival in San Francisco is available at New Italian Cinema.

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NICE 2017

New Italian Cinema is scheduled 8 – 12 November 2017 in San Francisco.

The Stuff Of Dreams directed by Gianfranco Cabidou (Italy) 2016 is the opening night film at the Castro Theatre followed by Fortunata directed by Sergio Castellitto (Italy) 2017.

Subsequent screenings of narrative and documentary works during this brief festival will be at the Vogue Theatre.

Films include Husband & Wife directed by Simone Sodano (Italy) 2017, There Is A Light directed by Fabio Mollo (Italy) 2017, Friends By Chance directed by Francesco Bruni (Italy) 2017, and The Duel Of Wine directed by Nicolás Carreras (Italy/Argentina) 2015.

For more info and tickets contact New Italian Cinema.

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Blood Wedding

A family mystery lies at the core of Roza Of Smyrna directed by George Cordellas (Greece/Turkey) 2016.


A blood-stained wedding dress found in a Turkish antique store is evidence of a traumatic incident more than half a century earlier.

One of the organizers of an upcoming museum exhibition is determined to learn the truth but is resisted by the very person whose life was impacted.

This beautiful, haunting, love story touches on issues still relevant in our time.

The film won the audience award for best feature of the recently concluded San Francisco Greek Film Festival 14.

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