Winter Journey

My Polish Honeymoon directed by Élise Otzenberger (France) 2018 was the opening night film in Palo Alto of the 39th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.


When Anna first arrives in Poland, with her husband Adam, she’s totally in love with the country but taking a closer look at her surroundings, her mood changes in the opposite extreme.

The reason for their trip is a 75th celebration of his grandfather’s Jewish village, a rather somber event in a country with a horrific World War II history.

In Prague they’re assailed by the sight of colorful tourist tours of death camps as well as Nazi memorabilia for sale at an outdoor market.

While in the countryside and small rural villages they’re met with indifference, suspicion, and hostility.

This complex film also played at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, and will be shown a couple more times during SFJFF 39. It screens 30 July 2019 at the Albany Twin in the East Bay and 4 August 2019 at Smith Rafael in Marin.

For more info and tickets contact the Jewish Film Institute.

copyright © 2019 by N. A. Diaman, all rights reserved

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