Shifting Identity

Gender roles and rules of conduct are strictly enforced in the small Albanian mountain settlement where Hana and Lila are born and grow up. Both girls are punished each time they stray from traditional strictures. Each of them escapes the harshness of their native culture eventually by taking a different path to relative freedom, meeting many years later in Italy.


Sworn Virgin directed by Laura Bispuri (ItalySwitzerland/Germany/Albania/Kosovo) 2015 shows how and why Hana becomes Mark as well as the consequences and future possibilities that ensue. The film probes the dilemma of gender identity.

It screens again Monday night 4 May 2015 at the Pacific Film Archive Theater in Berkeley and Thursday evening 7 May 2015 at Landmark’s Clay Theatre in San Francisco during San Francisco International Film Festival 58. For more information and tickets contact the San Francisco Film Society.

copyright © 2015 by N. A. Diaman, all rights reserved


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