Anniversary Dance

A British couple revisits Paris three decades after their honeymoon, in Le Week-End directed by Roger Michell (UK) 2013. Nick and Meg seem trapped in a stultifying relationship, hardly worth celebrating. Each of them invariably pushed or pulled in the opposite direction of the other. Nick often worried about the expense of things and Meg indulging in numerous extravagances. Whatever spark of excitement they once shared seems long extinguished.


Age has obviously taken its toll. Nick seems little concerned with his appearance, overweight, dressed decently, but unshaven. Meg still clings to what is left of her beauty, uncomfortable with the few pounds she gained. He’s still aroused by her but she refuses to comply to his sexual  dessires. At the thirty-year mark they seem to be on the verge of a break-up.

An unexpected encounter with Morgan, an old college pal of Nick’s, introduces a new element into the picture. Nick and Meg put on happy faces at a party they attend. A deeper level of reality is revealed and a dim glimmer of hope manifested. The unpleasant drama of their life together might not be doomed to failure.

It opens 14 March 2014 at Lincoln Plaza and Angelika in New York, as well as The Landmark in Los Angeles.

Also 21 March 2014 at Century Cinema in Chicago, Embarcadero 5 in San Francisco, Cine Arts in Evanston, Monica 4 in Santa Monica, Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, Sundance Cinema Sunset in Los Angeles, and La Jolla in San Diego.

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