French Twist

Rendezvous In Kiruna directed by Anna Novian (France) 1213 and A Castle In Italy directed by Valeria Bruni Tedeschi (Italy/France) 2013 both screened during French Cinema Now at the Landmark’s Clay Theatre in San Francisco.


One film is set mostly in Sweden while the other takes place primarily in Italy. The mother of Novian is Swedish and Tedeschi was born in Turin to a French mother so they have bi-national backgrounds.

Rendezvous in Kiruna is a road movie reminiscent of Win Wender’s early work, and the grandfather suggestive of an Igmar Bergman character. The young hitchhiker, Magnus, is played by Anastasios Soulis, a Swedish actor of Greek and Finish parentage. The principal character is Ernest (Jean-Pierre Darroussin), a serious, workaholic architect.

A Castle In Italy is Felliniesque in part, combining both dramatic and comic scenes. The director is also the lead actor. And the cast includes her mother, brother, and former boyfriend. However, she refuses to comment on the seemingly autobiographical nature of her film.

After a brief break, the San Francisco Film Society resumes with five days of New Italian Cinema at the same venue.

copyright © 2013 by N. A. Diaman, all rights reserved

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