Life Adrift

Alex is a handsome young Parisian who seems lost in the city. While he manages to support himself through illegal means, he’s constantly the target of his unscrupulous, older brother. His former girlfriend is about to marry another man. His mother is dead and he’s estranged from his father.


When his cousin Nathan, who’s visiting from Israel, offers him a partnership in a restaurant he plans to open in Tel Aviv, Alex jumps at the opportunity to escape his present predicament. Aliyah directed by Ellie Wajman (France) 2012 captures a grittier part of the French capital.

Overcoming alienation is a prerequisite for survival. Some people resort to drugs and alcohol. Others chose the conventional path of marriage and domesticity to assuage their loneliness.  Alex is suspended between the two extremes. His decision to emigrate is dispassionate. Israel for him is not the promised land but a place of last resort.

Aiyah screens again at Cinearts in Palo Alto Wednesday 7 August 2013 and the California Theater in Berkeley Thurssday 8 August 2013 during San Francisco Jewish Film Festival 33.

copyright © 2013 by N. A. Diaman, all rights reserved


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