Egypt Rising

Another Night On Earth directed by David Munoz (Spain) 1012, is a collection of documentary snapshots showing both Cairo taxi drivers and their passengers over what appears to be a brief span of time.

All but one of the mature, long-employed drivers are male. The brief trips recorded are mostly at night as the vehicles move or are stuck in traffic. The exchanges recorded by the hidden camera gives viewers a taste of the densely populated city.

A skeptical young director, Namir Abdel Messeeh, sets out to make a documentary about Our Lady of Zeitoun, a heavenly apparition reported to have taken place in 1968 Cairo. His mother is a believer supportive of the project despite an earlier flop but she’s adamant about him not including her family in the movie.

The Virgin, The Copts, And Me, (France, Qatar) 2012 is a fun-filled adventure that exposes not only the difficulties and triumph of independent film production but also shows glimpses of life among an immigrant family settled in Europe in contrast to some of those left behind in North Africa.

Words Of Witness, directed by Mai Iskander (USA, Egypt) 2012 deals directly with the recent uprising in Egypt. It follows a young journalist working for an English-language newspaper as she covers the ongoing demonstrations in Tarir Square

Heba Afify was encouraged by her father to be independent while growing up but her mother is still fearful each time Heba leaves the house to pursue her career.

All three of these fine documentaries set in Egypt are part of the 16th Annual Arab Film Festival continuing this week in Berkeley and Los Angeles.

copyright © 2012 by N. A. Diaman, all rights reserved

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